The professional services provided by S.C. NAPOCA BUSINESS S.R.L. are required, appropriate and advisable in any of the following situations:
  • assets valuation (real estate and / or personal property) and / or business valuation for the purpose of financial credits guaranteeing;
  • the valuation of the commercial company’s patrimony (assets valuation and re-valuation) for the purpose of financial reporting, respectively the adjusting of the financial-accounting statements so that they reflect the real status of the respective company on the valuation date, based on the evolutions of the specific markets and the physical, functional and/or economic depreciation of the technologies, machinery, equipments and the other patrimony items;
  • the valuation of the commercial company’s patrimony for the purpose of its partial or total selling;
  • the valuation of the commercial company’s patrimony for the purpose of setting the unit value of the shares for the stock market quotations (stock exchange listing/de-listing);
  • the valuation of the trading company’s patrimony for the purpose of merging, splitting, association, capital increase or other specific economic operations;
  • feasibility studies and / or market surveys for investment purposes.

The valuation assignments are carried out following the herein below general procedure:
  • the acknowledgment of the valuation assignment and the negotiation of the contract terms;
  • the inquiry for further information (documents proving the property right, accounting statements, drawings, plans etc.) and their analysis;
  • the inspection of the assets subject to valuation (identification, taking pictures, description etc.);
  • the analysis of the specific market (the real estate’s market, the constructions market, the personal properties’ market, evolutions of the specific economic branch etc.);
  • the application of the appropriate valuating methods and the estimation of the market value, the fair value or other types of value associated to the valuated property right, as the case may be;
  • the drawing up of the valuation report and its handing over to the beneficiary.