S.C. NAPOCA BUSINESS S.R.L. - corporate member of ANEVAR - is a company activating in the field of the assets valuation, covering a wide range of professional services, such as:
  • real estate valuation;
  • personal property valuation (vehicles, equipments, machinery etc.);
  • business valuation (valuation of companies);
  • feasibility studies, market surveys and financial-economical analysis.

      The main objective of S.C. NAPOCA BUSINESS S.R.L. is to offer highly qualitative professional services and to perform such services in accordance with the legislation in force and the international standards in this field:
  • The ANEVAR Valuation Standards;
  • The International Valuation Standards - IVS;
  • The International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS;
  • The recommendations issued by The National Association of Romanian Authorized Valuers - ANEVAR and The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania - CECCAR.

       The team of S.C. NAPOCA BUSINESS S.R.L. consists of valuers / appraisers and consultants (members of ANEVAR, CECCAR and CAFR – Chamber of the Financial Auditors of Romania) with a wide experience in the fields of company’s activities, distinguishing itself through qualitative services, independent analyses and estimations, promptitude, exactness, rapidity, mobility and flexibility.

The company’s motto: